The Menu of our Cooking Classes in Italy

The traditional dishes from our hands on Cooking lessons

The Cooking Classes are held in my home in Perugia by a native home chef, where a convivial lunch from dishes prepared during the class will be served accompanied by wines produced in the farm. The cooking courses are aimed at being a full immersion into Umbrian gastronomic culture and include the preparation of real Italian Dishes, traditional recipes and the learning of the basic techniques of Mediterranean Cuisine.



Tasty and delicious, starters have evolved as a true course meal of the Italian cuisine. Cold or hot, it can open a tasty meal or a special buffet.

  • Bruschette –Tomatoes and mushrooms;
  • Cake with Zucchine, Potatoes and Taleggio cheese;
  • Mixed grilled vegetable with bread and garlic;
  • Spelt salad;
  • Millefoglie with egg plants;
  • Salad with melon and ment;
  • Fry flower zucchini;
  • Torta al testo with ham and rucola;
  • Crostini with chiken liver;
  • Panzanella;
  • Parmigiana with egg plants
  • Salad with fennels and orange;
  • Crostini with roasted Peppers;
  • Focaccia with onion and sage;
  • Small onions in Blsamic vinegard;



A journey into the preparation of the symbol of Italian diet: pasta.
The dry and fresh versions will alternate with different fillings and combinations of sauces inspired both by tradition and fantasy.
Either fresh or egg pasta, adapt well to many cooking styles or as a basic ingredient of Italian-style soups.

  • “Pasta” made by hand (Tagliatelle, strangozzi, maltagliati, pappardelle….);
  • Pizza and Focaccia;
  • Gnocchi;
  • Ravioli;
  • Lasagne;
  • Risotto;
  • Polenta;
  • Lentil soup;
  • Pasta and chickpeas;
  • Pasta and beans;
  • Soup with spelt;
  • Homemade Cannelloni with Ricotta, Prosciutto, & Mozzarella
    *the souce for the pasta will be do used fresh and seasonal products.



You will discover the world of meat by focusing on the techniques of preparation and cooking of both white and red varieties, two parallel universes, which often meet.

  • Umbrian Meatloaf with pine-seeds and dry graps;
  • Rabbit with wild erbs;
  • Salmi of guinea fowl
  • Pork loin with grapes and Juniper
  • Pork with pears and Pecorino cheese
  • Rabbit “all’arrabbiata”
  • Chiken roller with Umbrian Ham ;
  • Stuffed Vegetables;
  • Hearby Roastbeef;
  • Salt Cod in a Tomatoey Sauce;
  • Chicken in a rich herb, olive and vegetable sauce;
  • Stuffed artichokes
  • Italian vegetable quiche



We invites you to discover the many facets of pastry, the preparations and cooking techniques. A journey through cakes, cookies and cream to delight your days and those of your friends.

  • Crostata (with cream, fresh fruit and jams)
  • Tiramisù
  • Panpolenta with ice cream
  • Cake with carrots and almonds
  • Cake with chocolate and Pears
  • Castagnaccio
  • Rocciata
  • Tozzetti with holy wine


Our cooking holidays include accommodation in lovely apartments of the farmhouse, hands-on cooking classes in the morning and guided tours in the afternoons.

They are available all year round on request for a minimum of 2 people.