Umbrian Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tour and Tasting

  The most important ingredient in our cooking classes is the extra virgin olive oil. Without an excellent olive oil is impossible to obtain perfect Mediterranean dishes: Italian cuisine would just not be the same without it.


Today olive oil is the basis for much of Italian cooking: used in sauces, salad dressings, grilling and even as a condiment drizzled over dishes at the table. Italian extra virgin olive oils are considered to be the best in the world, particularly those from Tuscany and Umbria. The quality of the olive oil is determined by many factors, including the variety of olive, climate, growing conditions, harvesting methods as well as the method used for pressing.

Umbria’s olive oils are crafted from the olives of the Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo, and Agogia varieties. The oils tend to have an artichoke and green tomato aroma, and sometimes have the peppery taste of Tuscan oils. Many of the Umbrian oils have a fruity flavor with a great deal of body.


Olive oil used in our classes is produced from our olive grove. In our farm we have 850 olive trees and produce excellent organic olive oil through the traditional method of cold pressure. In our cooking holidays offer  Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tour and Tasting.

During your tour you will learn how olive oil is extracted from olives, traditional versus modern techniques of extraction, the importance of factors such as harvest period, weather and heat during processing etc.

With the help of your guide, you will learn how professionals taste extra virgin olive oil and how you can judge the quality based on some positive or negative characteristics of the oil. You will also learn about tree varietals, different techniques of cultivation, and the differences between oils produced in different regions in Italy.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tour are included in the following program: 4 Day cooking holiday ( Chocolate, Ceramic, Wine, Olive Oil and Assisi Tours)


In November one of our seasonal program is dedicated to the olive picking. You will spend four days immersed in the wonderful world of the Umbrian olive oil, participating in the harvest, visiting mills and cooking delicious recipes. The olive harvest program is from 5th to 9th November 2015.